ChicoryLane eBird Explorer

Welcome to ChicoryLane's supplemental functions for accessing the Cornell Lab of Ornithology's eBird Data - particularly their "citizen science" sighting reports. Currently three sets of function are provided:

The table display tool supports searches based on latitude, longitude, distance from that point, and days previous. Results are shown in table form and can be sorted on any column's values.  The map displays the geographic location for a search as well as the locations of individual sightings within the area and time period. The taxonomc display can show the path to the root for individual species. In turn, list can be generated for the species that descend from intermediate taxonomic nodes - i.e., genus, family, and order. Lists of species can then be exported to the sightings tool for searches, such as sightings of all warblers in an area. Sightings results can then be mapped for visual display.

Data may be passed back and forth between the three tools: for example, once a location is selected and marked on the map, its latitude and logitude may be exported to the table display tool to "seed" the next search. . Conversely, once a search is performed, no matter how the latitude and longitudes were obtained, the locations of sighting can be exported for display on the map.

The tools use eBird's public api  and are offered for use by the birding community. ChicoryLane Farm is not associated with the eBird project or with the Cornell Lab, and makes no claim of their endorsement or support.

The ChicoryLane Web Site provides extensive online resources regarding the native plants and birds on the farm as well as discussions of its history, ecology, and some of our plans and aspirations for its future.

Additional instructions for using the ChicoryLane eBird tools are available through the Help Instructions menu at the top of the page. They may also be accessed directly.

February 2, 2017