Palustrine Farm Pond


The Farm Pond was our earliest project. It was built in 1975, our first summer at ChicoryLane  by our friend/neighbor/excavator, Leroy Stover, and his then teenage son, Charles. I recall that we had some financial assistance with the project intended to improve rural fire protection, but I don’t recall the agency or program. The pond is approximately 1/3 of an acre but the overall site is closer to 1 acre. It is bounded on the West and South by a planting of Hybrid Poplars, on the East by the Riparian North stream area, and on the North by a property boundary and a neighbor's woods. The banks of the pond are grassy with scattered shrub and herbaceous patches. These include Sumac, native orange daylilies, and native blue flag iris. Enhancements will be modest -  additions of shrubs and interspersing White Pine among the Poplars as an eventual replacement of them.