Riparian East, Part 1


This project is seeking to enhance a section of a smaller stream that joins the noth-south stream. It begins at its junction with the larger stream and continues upstream to the east past the ChcioryLane barn, house, and yard; we arbitrarily draw the line of this part of the stream at the east edge of the yard, for a total distance of some 200 yeards. Half of the stream is near the ChicoryLane barn and a nearby utility area downstream whereas the other, upstream half is adjacen to the House yard. Thus, this entire segment is adjacent to the most developed areas of ChicoryLane. A naturalizied border of some 20 feet is on the House side and a natural steep bank and hillside on the other. From the barn downstream, a 50-foot flood plane with numerous introduced native shrubs is on the North side and an old Aspen grove on the South.

The stream is the primary natural feature of the area. Notable species include a sizeable stand of Aspen trees, a patch of Reed Canary Grass (undesirable), numerous Elderberry and Vibernum shrubs epecially Cranberry vibrunum, a stream crossing, a second grove of Aspens with Scillia and Daffiodils, and large patches of Comfrey and deep maroon native Bergamot. This stream also shares the largest and oldest Crack Willow with the North Riparian stream. The main focus of the project is enhancement through increasing seleced species, reducing less desirable or invasive ones, and introduce several complementary new species not currently found in that area.